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Loveis the most undeniable truth of this universe. Without Love this world is like a hell. This world is beautiful and enchanting just because of love. MAN has a fear of death, because he does not want to go away from his love. Love is selfless, it is not proud not superficial. It is not an artificial act but a true feeling from the bottom of the heart. It can be understood more easily when it is expressed in words. Love is a very complicated matter, the word chosen by a person to express his emotions should be very keen and heart touching so that his beloved one may not get it wrong and understand his feelings correctly as he wanted to be………

Love quotes are an easiest way to show your feelings in a charming way, as they realize your partner that how important he/she is for you. You may not be always with him/her; these words that you say to him/her with love will be a source of comfort and delight forever. Love unexpressed is a pain in itself…as it leaves a space in your soul, which after passing time cannot be filled ever. Love makes a man immortal…It lives in the heart of someone forever. So just do it and get eternity.

IF you want to stay in the beautiful heart of your beloved one, express your feelings in a very fascinating and imaginative manner. The online love quotations and quotes provide you this opportunity.

Philosophy of Love:
Love is a sensation which is only felt and the love which needs to be expressed is not true love; this can be only a time pass or have some selfishness. There is no doubt that every person falls in love and also want to give best of its powers to serve love and make beloved happy. This can only be true if you are totally sincere and faithful to your beloved. Though words such as true and false are not valuable and need not to relate with sacred word of love as love is love and love is always real. But environment of our society forces us to use these suffixes and prefixes for love.

When someone finds love, his or her life totally changes. Lover feels happiness and remains mum in beloved thoughts. Such kind of things make lovers love strong for beloved and it creates a sensation in heart all the time that there is someone special which is more important than anything in the world. And this is the real spirit for lover therefore love is considered as blind and has power to do anything as will is everything. Where there is will everything can be possible. So, love makes man strong too. Love give reason to live, make merry and power to fulfill all desires of beloved.

Love is a passion, a sensation, and magic.Love quotes depict your emotions in a special way. Where feelings are yours but words are chosen from a very well – known and well -organized source that are the online quotes showing your greater attachment with your partner.

Life and love are two inter convertible words. Life cannot be even imagined without love, love and life quotes show their relation in very inspiring way.

Family is the most important part of our life. Family love is also as important as sky with moon and stars. Family love quotes show a greater part of love that you have in your heart for your parents, and other relatives.

Fun and Humor are also a part of life…life becomes dull and boring without it. Love also sometimes looks very dry and old without this funniness. So here are some funny love quotes to renew your love and to express your experience of love in a funny and humorous manner.

Romance is the enchanting feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love, which shows a greater attachment, the deep affection that goes beyond all the human bonds. Here are some Romantic love quotes.

New love quotes present a completely new style to express your feelings, new words, new thoughts and a fresh love depiction.

Famous love quotes can interpret your emotions in a very unique manner as these quotes are written on the basis of a great experience by some of the great personalities of the world.

The ability to love is a great virtue. It gives you comfort, happiness and peace of mind. When one falls in love one feels a great change in personality. Falling in love quotes make you and your partner realize of the mutual understanding.

Inspirational love quotes inspire your thoughts to bring a more passion in your emotions that you want to convey to your beloved.

What is love?? It is a most difficult question in the world. But what you feel for someone with the purity of your heart is called love. To recognize these feelings what is love? Quotes help you to find out your hidden desires.

The traditional love sayings are a treasure to give someone who is very close to your heart.

If one understands love then this question does not arise that what is true love??? Because love in itself is a true feeling if the feelings are based on a lie these are not love. So the true love quotes make you understand of your true feelings.

Lost love quotes show emotions and reasons for those who unfortunately could not reach the destiny of their love.

Live laugh love quotes are as meaningful as breath for life and as soul for body

I love you quotes can explain the feelings why we use these three words I Love You.