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Better Policies for Staying Healthy for You

In principle, work should participate in our general well-being. It provides us with goals to reach, human contact, a routine and a salary. In reality, the office environment is not always beneficial. Ubiquitous screens, sitting position, sandwich in front of the computer, excessive air conditioning or heating, passive smoke, overdose of caffeine, mold on the walls the reasons vary, but the result is the same: you are not fit. To find an iron health, here are some tips to implement and apply daily.

Activate the muscles

Staying in the office for hours is as painful to the body as a long-haul flight. If your business offers standing desks, take advantage of them, otherwise try to stretch, get up and contract your muscles as often as possible. A simple foam ball placed between the knees stimulates the thighs when sitting.

Bring out a breath of fresh air when you take a …