Learn About The Drum Pump Market

Drum Pumps: What Are They

There is a high demand for lubricant and oil, which is why industrialisation is on the rise in both developed and developing countries. Lubricant, oil, and other types of liquids are stored in barrels, tanks, and drums. A drum pump is a solution for emptying out liquids from drums, tanks and so on. It is portable, lightweight and it isn’t that big.

Drum pumps are ideal for liquids such as alcohol, diesel oil, vegetable oil, petrol, milk, engine oil and other types of corrosive and lubricant liquid transfer. Many fluids used within industries are heavy when they are stored in a barrel or drum, and a drum pump makes it easier to transfer those fluids. It allows workers to get the liquid easily and without tipping the barrel or drum.
Drum pumps are in high demand within many industries and the demand for them is expected to grow in the near future.

These pumps are ideal for emptying out liquids stored in barrels and tanks, and the chances of the liquid spilling are small. Not only that, but drum pumps are safer to use because they reduce the risk of accidents and injury to the person using them. For those reasons and many other benefits, drum pumps are quickly becoming the number one pump selection to transferring liquids.

Market Dynamics and Drum Pumps

There are many reasons why the market for drum pumps are expected to increase and one factor is that many industries rely on using and storing and transferring liquids such as chemicals, oils, lubricants, milk and the list goes on. Many industries export and import oils in large containers instead of smaller containers. This is to save money on costs related to transportation and shipping.

Dispensing liquids from large containers is hard work, so industries prefer using drum pumps, which drives the market for it to go up. It allows fast transfer of various types of liquids, which won’t spill over. Besides that, a lot of time is saved when using drum pumps and a lot of labour is also saved. Liquids between drum pumps and containers are easily, quickly, and safely transferred, which is exactly why drum pump sales are expected to grow throughout the next few years.

Market Segmentation

Materials, product type and application are the three segments are the global drum pump market. Product type refers to the type of pump, such as manual, hydraulic, electric and so forth. Materials refer to plastic and metal.
Plastic materials in the market are sub-segmented into PVDF, CPC and PP to name a few. Metal is sub-segmented too, and this includes cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium to name a few. The application is segmented into chemical plants, petroleum plans, manufacturing plants, laboratories and the automotive industry to name a few.

Regional Outlook

The largest markets include Latin America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and North America, which is expected to become the largest to participate in the drum pump market. The rise in popularity for the pumps stem from manufacturers preferring pumps over other methods of transferring liquids because it is a cost-effective solution and one of the best dispenser tools that can be used for many types of liquids. These are only a few reasons why Northern America manufacturers are likely going to become the major users of drum pumps.

Latin America is also a large user of drum pumps, and the second largest markets for the pumps are expected to be the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Production has primarily taken place in the east, particularly Asia, but there are emerging producers in India and China who have started to enter the market. These producers are expected to continue to take a large share of the market.