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The Best Harness for You and Your Pup

No matter how much you love your dog, there are times when you can get understandably frustrated. Frustrating is often the word used to describe when you take your dog for a walk, but they are almost constantly pulling the leash. No only is this pulling hurting your shoulder, but it is also hurting your dog’s neck. If you are attaching the leash to a collar instead of a harness you may be doing some serious damage to your dog’s throat and neck. This is often why it is best to use a harness when you are walking your dog. A good harness like the puppia harness not only takes the pressure off of your dog’s neck and throat, but also gives you more control when walking your dog. The right harness can completely change how your dog behaves on a walk and how enjoyable the walk is for you.

You should avoid getting a generic harness for your dog. A good harness, such as the puppia harness, will be made of a soft material and be safe for your dog. These harnesses take the pressure off of your dog’s neck and are made of a soft material. By removing pressure from your pup’s neck, whenever the dog pulls you will not be potentially injuring their neck or throat. A puppia harness is a great example of the type of harness that can safely help reduce your dog’s pulling behavior.

Harnesses are also good at giving you more control when your dog pulls. Typical collars that go around your dog’s neck can cause injury to the throat when your dog pulls and gives you less control when they pull. This reduces the amount of control you have when the dog pulls, because you are not controlling the shoulders and chest, which can give you most control over your dog’s movement. By having a harness that goes around the dog’s shoulders and chest and not the throat, you are able to more easily control the dog’s movement and reduce pulling tendencies and strength.
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Harnesses are available for all sizes and types of dogs. Also, harnesses like the puppia harness, make soft harnesses in different colors and styles to help match you and your dog’s style and personality. When you are buying a harness it can also help to find a back clip harness. A back clip harness attaches the leash to your dog’s back which can give you more control and reduce the tendency for the leach to get tangled under your dog’s paws.
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Using the wrong harness or collar when walking your dog may be hurting your dog a lot more than you think. A good dog harness will remove pressure from your dog’s neck, which can prevent any injuries due to pulling behaviors.

Harnesses that are made of a soft material and give you better control of your dog’s movement, while taking pressure off of their neck is the type of harness you should be using. To really show your dog that you love them you need to make sure you are using good products like the puppia harness, that can make your dog more comfortable and keep your dog from getting injured at the same time.