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Advantages Of Hiring an Expungement Lawyer New Jersey provides an opportunity to have someone erase a criminal record that involves a crime that was committed some years back. Expungement is provided in the state law. Past offenders can be in a position to clean their criminal record and allow them to lead healthy lives. Every record that is obtained in every stage of the case is cleared. Expungement provides relief to an individual who is no longer involved in the crimes he was accused of if the person adopts a new lifestyle of doing things the right way. You cannot be a serial offender and expect the law to set you free from criminal records. A a person can be exempted if he engaged in petty offenses to a maximum of two times only. One is required to present his case before a judge. The New Jersey state expungement law commits all the department that is concerned with criminal law to be involved in ensuring the criminal record that is supposed to be cleared is done by all of them without leaving a trace. Not all offenses are expunged because some is not part of penal code. People will always have varying opinions on why they prefer their past criminal record cleared. Employers are becoming cautious of employing people who have engaged in committing a felony in the past occasioning them to ask job seekers to obtain criminal clearance from state authorities.
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A lawyer is very critical in helping you to get the expungement. The attorney can help you understand how you can go past your criminal record. Failure to address the problem would lead you to experience problem that would make life difficult in the coming years. With appropriate knowledge, one can approach the issue at hand in the right way. The lawyer will explain about the time that should pass before you apply for expungement. The the lawyer will look at your case and see if it is in the list of crimes that can be expunged
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A request for expungement is presented to a court of law by the attorney. He then obtains a court order that is signed by the judge. The the full history of the client must be brought before a judge. The attorney will offer proper guidance to their clients on how the hearing is set to proceed if it is necessary for it to go through the court hearing. When the court order is signed by the jury, it is a license for your criminal records to be expunged. When the data is removed no one can access information about your past involvement in a crime. The FBI are also made aware of the expungement to remove your name from a list of criminals. Without involving a lawyer, the process can prove a bit complicated.