Smart Accessories for iPhone and iPad, Here!

For you gadget lovers definitely not willing to dong if the gadget so ‘beret’ because it does not have a protector. Especially for you lovers of Apple ya, definitely want dong gadgets iPhone and iPad that you have become more cool and multi function with various completeness of accessories.

1.CruxCase 360

What is this CruxCase 360? At first glance his form is like a laptop huh? But do you know if this is actually a kind of casing that comes with a keyboard.

So when the iPad is laid out it looks like a notebook. You also need to worry baseball because this casing is equipped with a strong and rigid material, so it can stand up by itself without the help of a buffer.

2. Cooling Gadget

Ever imagined if your smartphone has a cooling machine. Usually this cooling machine is commonly used to cool the laptop. But it seems Apple baseball would ‘miss’ start by first creating this technology.

From the shape of this cooling machine is funny and small. You also do not need to bother plugging the cable to turn it on. Because this cooling machine is already equipped with a special usb for iPhone gadgets.

3. Multi Function USB Cable

If the USB cable is usually used only to move data, this is different from the USB cable function that Google created for the device. This USB cable not only can be used to move data, but also can be used to battery battery.

No cursory USB cable this one like other UBS cable, but actually this USB cable when plugged can stand loh and can also be bent according to the desired position. Even this cable is able to sustain the weight of the iPhone you have.

4. The MiLi Pico Projector 2

The MiLi Pico Projector 2 is an accessory that can turn iPhone into a projector! These accessories are also equipped with LCOS LED micro video projector technology, speakers and buffers so that when used this device can stand.

A battery with a capacity of 2800mAh allows you to receive the phone freely even though the iPhone is connected to The MiLi Pico Projector 2 is. Sophisticated right? That’s all Complement accessories for your ipad, Hopefully our article useful:D